Physical Examination

Veterinary examination for both routine and sick visits for your dog or cat.


All core annual vaccinations and select additional vaccinations for dogs and cats provided.

Intestinal Parasite Testing

Intestinal parasite testing through fecal smear and flotation as well as intestinal parasite treatment provided.

Parasite Prevention

We provide a variety of parasite prevention options for your dog for prevention of fleas, ticks and Heartworm disease.

Internal Medicine

Diagnosis and treatment of internal medical diseases such as blood diseases, endocrine diseases and organ dysfunction that may affect your dog or cat.


Diagnosis and alleviation of symptoms that occur due to skin allergies, autoimmune skin disease, skin wounds and skin infection.

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Treatment of most diseases, injuries and maladies can be achieved utilizing the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine).

Prescription and Non-Prescription Diets

We provide both prescription and non-prescription Royal Canin diets to meet the nutritional needs of your dog and cat.


Microchipping for dogs and cats offered using RFID technology with Datamars microchips.

Dental Cleaning and Extractions

Forever Friends Animal Clinic offers dental procedures (teeth cleaning, extractions and other oral procedures) for your dog or cat.


Radiology (X-ray) is offered at Forever Friends to diagnose a multitude of conditions that affect your pet.


Forever Friends Animal Clinic offers a variety of surgical procedures including spay, neuter and feline declaw surgeries. Available by appointment schedule.

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